Cookie Policy

What do we mean by cookie?

It is a small text file constituted of numbers and letters which gets downloaded and stored in your device or a specific browser you use to visit websites. Cookies are basically memories that get stored after when you visit certain pages, websites.

Now, here comes the major role of cookies- With the exchange of the cookies between the network server and your computer. Like this the server reads the ID and understands what kind of data to serve you.

Why does Bitcoin Up use cookies?

We use smart technology like “cookies” to provide tailored services to the visitors. With the help of cookies, we work towards making the website user-friendly. It would not be possible for us to provide you with the best features that we do without using cookies.

If we do not use cookies, you will have to set up your mobile phone, tablet, or computer to adapt according to our technology.

By visiting, browsing, and using our application and changing your browser setting to accept our cookies, you fully consent to use our cookies and web beacons. It is entirely up to you to accept or reject cookies. In case you have accepted the cookies and are now willing to disable it, you will have to change your browser settings.

Important: Disabling the cookies may hinder the web sites performance on you, and the pages may probably crash or won’t display correctly.

Cookies help provide seamless website navigation, and understand sections that are prominently visitors on the website.

We hope that we clearly explain the use of cookies and why we use them to manage some matter and enhance website visitors performance. If you have queries regarding our cookies policy, please feel free to contact our support team.

What kinds of cookies are used at Bitcoin Up?